Movies That Were More Terrifying To Make Than They Were To Watch

It’s hard to know how effective a movie will be until it’s finished. Some dramas turn out to not be very dramatic. Some comedies end up not being very funny. The same thing can happen with a horror movie. Maybe everyone on set thinks they’re making a terrifying classic, and then it ends up just kind of being a dud.

That may be doubly true if scary things are happening behind the scenes while the movie is being made. For some horror movies, a documentary about the making of the film would probably be more frightening than the finished product. We have some examples. These are movies that were more terrifying to make than they were to watch.

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The New Mutants | 0:00
The Wolfman | 1:38
The Innkeepers | 2:45
The Invasion | 3:57
Deliver Us From Evil | 5:05
The Possession | 6:16
The Ring Two | 7:30
Manos: The Hands of Fate | 8:50
The Island of Dr. Moreau | 9:59
The Omen | 11:15

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