Movies For Fans Of The Mummy

The Mummy franchise is a classic of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The first couple of films, especially, have aged remarkably well, and are standout actioners no matter how you slice it. Even so, you can only watch them so many times before you’ll start to crave fresh flicks. We have just the movies for you. Many of these films will already be familiar to you, but there are probably a few that you haven’t seen before. This list may be especially useful for younger viewers, who weren’t alive when these adventure gems were released. These are adventure films to watch if you love The Mummy.

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The "Indiana Jones" franchise | 0:00
"Sahara" | 1:25
"The Librarian" franchise | 2:18
"The National Treasure" franchise | 2:57
"The Scorpion King" | 3:52
The original "Jumanji" | 4:31
"The Tomb Raider" franchise | 5:21
"Stardust" | 6:18
"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" | 6:51
"The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise | 8:03
"The Princess Bride" | 9:08

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