Movie Moments Where The Villain Saved The Hero

Movies will generally have a clear distinction between the good guy and the bad guy: someone for the audience to root for, and someone for them to root against. But great movies have less of a defining line, and villains will often be more complex than their heroic counterpart.

In fact, in some of the best movies, it isn’t completely clear who the real good guy or bad guy is. And every once in a while, an antagonist will go against the grain of his or her character and wind up saving the day. Here are our favorite movie moments where the bad guy saves the good guy.

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Loki — Thor: The Dark World | 0:00
Darth Vader — Return of the Jedi | 0:54
Doc Ock — Spider-Man 2 | 1:41
Johnny Caspar — Miller’s Crossing | 2:32
Skurge — Thor: Ragnarok | 3:32
The T-Rex — Jurassic Park | 4:27
Marvin Dorfler — Midnight Run | 5:14
Magneto — X2: X-Men United | 6:03
Lee Donowitz — True Romance | 6:54
Gollum — The Lord of the Rings | 8:05
Roy — Blade Runner | 9:17

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