Movie Mistakes That Somehow Slipped By Editors


In the early days of movies, editing consisted of physically cutting and connecting strips of film in order to tell a story. Because this task required extreme precision and attention to detail, avoiding mistakes was not easy for the editors. Today much editing is done digitally, which gives editors much more control and alleviates some of the pressure of physical cutting. But even with improvements in film technology, small mistakes can still slip their way through the editing process. This video explores the mistakes that made their way to the final cut of popular films! From the MCU and the Terminator, to Harry Potter and Jurassic world, there are tons of movie mistakes that editors missed. Hope you enjoy the video!

0:00 Intro
0:37 Spidey’s Introduction
1:54 Spilled Juice
2:51 Disappearing Jacket
3:29 Shirt Change
4:10 Cap’s Broken Shield
5:02 Glass Shattering
6:00 Eye Makeup
7:01 Camera Guy
7:50 Crew Member in the Back
8:21 Heart Rates

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