Movie Heroes That Turned Into Villains

Everyone loves a good hero movie arc. Hollywood has made countless hero origin stories over the years — it’s a format that works, and it’s one that’s here to stay. But what about the other side of the story?

Not every villain starts out that way, and movie villain backstories can be just as sympathetic as their counterparts. So what does it take to turn a good guy into one of the bad guys? Whether it be from personal tragedy, coercion, or maybe just the potential to be bad from the beginning, here are a few of the movie heroes that turned into villains.

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Hal Stewart / Tighten | 0:00
Saruman the White | 1:07
Andrew Detmer | 1:55
Thomasin | 2:44
Harvey Dent / Two-Face | 3:42
John Connor | 4:39
Scrappy-Doo | 5:31
Jean Grey | 6:26
Arthur Fleck / Joker | 7:28
Max Eisenhardt / Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto | 8:26
Anakin Skywalker | 9:34
Bucky Barnes | 10:35
Michael Corleone | 11:29

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