Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut – Part 2

It’s impossible to have a great movie without a great script. And often, great actors are able to take what’s written and turn it into something even better. A lot of directors actually encourage their actors to ad-lib, since it can give a scene a better sense of authenticity.

There are times, though, when an actor does something completely unexpected — even for them. If it’s good enough, a blooper will sometimes find its way into the final cut of a movie. Whether they happened in feel-good moments or nail-biting action scenes, these big mistakes actually made their movies better. Here are the movie bloopers that were too good to cut — part 2.

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Run with it | 0:00
As you wish | 1:26
Ear-drumming up character | 2:21
The spit-take mistake | 3:25
Arm Pitt | 4:34
A hand-to-heart moment | 5:25
A little extra kick | 6:42
A taxing waxing | 7:42
The Iron Man diet | 8:59
I’m King of the world | 9:50
The Dark Knight rides | 10:54
Seven years bad luck | 12:24
The Candy Man slam | 13:26
Mouthing off | 14:44
Rooms for improvement | 15:48
Clueless’ great debate | 16:53

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