Most Powerful Guardians Of The Galaxy Members Ranked

Welcome to the Guardians of the frickin galaxy, only you know, without the frickin. A team of misfits, criminals, daughters of mad titans and heroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy really come together to be one powerful team. Not only have they saved the universe on multiple occasions, but they usually do it to s pretty sweet soundtrack. Throughout the Guardian’s comic book history they have had several members come and go as part of the official team. They range from raccoons to beings of supreme cosmic power. So, let’s take a look at the strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy right now.

Star Lord may not seem like the strongest member of the team, even though he is often thought of as the quintessential leader. However, there is much more to this wisecracking gunslinger than meets the eye. One of the smartest men in the Galaxy, and a leader of another popular superhero team has also joined the Guardians in the comics. It seems as though Thor may be a new short-lived member of the guardians, but he would not be their first God of thunder. The Guardians of the Galaxy are set up to be a long lasting MCU team, and based on the comics they still have a lot of roster left to run through. Who do you think is the most powerful person ever to call themself a Guardian of the Galaxy? Be sure to leave a like, subscribe and comment your answer, otherwise you’ll have to stay back and listen to Drax talk about his winter solstice stories while the rest of the team goes off to have fun.



0:00 Intro
0:44 Star Lord
1:34 Adam Warlock
2:10 Moondragon
2:46 Nova
3:21 Quasar
3:54 Phyla-Vell
4:30 Hercules
4:57 The Rider
5:34 Beta Ray Bill
6:34 Iron Man
7:07 Groot
7:48 The Thing
8:21 Yondu
9:00 Gamora
9:47 Agent Venom
10:27 Drax the Destroyer
11:35 Nebula
12:20 Mantis
13:11 Bug
13:44 Rocket Raccoon
14:19 Cosmo

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