Movie Content Plus Video Moonfall Questions That Still Need Some Answers

Moonfall Questions That Still Need Some Answers

When you first saw the trailer for "Moonfall," chances are that you had a few questions. In a perfect world, every question you had would have been at least partially answered in the film itself. While the question of "why are we trying to nuke the moon?" was definitely answered, there’s a fair amount of confusion likely still lingering by the time the credits roll. Far be it from us to nitpick a film where there is a literal bad moon rising, but there are a few questions we had after finishing "Moonfall." These are the "Moonfall" questions that still need answers.

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Going viral | 0:00
NASA knowledge | 1:51
Are all moons megastructures? | 2:49
Moonfall 2: Fall Harder | 4:01

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