MOON KNIGHT Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Origins Explained & Things You Missed

MOON KNIGHT Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Origins Explained & Things You Missed. We explain the new Disney Plus Trailer for Moon Knight, Marvel’s answer to Batman. Or is he? Welll that’s what we’re gonna talk about. We cover his origins, the things you missed and also give our theories for the show.

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Ok so the first full trailer for Moon Knight has just dropped and the new teaser is filled with easter eggs, hidden details and a lot of things you might miss. Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the whole thing and also mixing in bits of the original Disney Plus Day Trailer as I didn’t cover that when it dropped.

I also know Moon Knight is a bit more of an obscure character as well so we’ll also be talking about his origin story in the comics which will hopefully help you to see why he’s more than just Marvel’s version of Batman.

Now we got our first proper look at Moon Knight on Disney Plus day, in it we were introduced to Marc Spector who is going to be played by Oscar Isaac. Isaac is also playing Spider-man 2099 in the upcoming Across The Spider-verse movie and I think he’s gonna be perfect for both of them. I’m gonna be breaking down the character first but if you want to skip ahead to the part where we focus solely on the trailer then timecodes will be linked below.

First introduced in Werewolf by Night 32, Moon Knight made his debut in 1975. Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin Moon Knight was originally supposed to be a villain for Werewolf by Night but they quickly saw his potential as a hero too. Spector of course also means ghost and the character is supposed to appear similar to one with his white costumes, several of which will be appearing in the series.

Throughout the trailer he’s referred to as Stephen at several points which is actually one of his other personalities with Marc being the main one. It looks like he works for a museum but we do get flashes of Marc Spectors life at some points and he is contacted by a mysterious person.

Now Spector was born the son of a Jewish Rabbi but the pair had as strained relationship as Marc believed that his dad was a coward because he fled the east in order to escape the holocaust.

Marc stated that he should’ve remained and fought and this led to him start taking Boxing lessons before he switched his attention to the U.S. Marine Corp.

Marc took to it like Kevin Spoilers took to spoiling Harry Potter and he ended up joining with Force Recon which is one of the US most infamous reconnaissance groups.

He’s also worked in the CIA and this led to him being an expert at several things.

Now Marcs true hero origin story thingy maggig comes when when he stumbled across an archaeological dig in Egypt.

Here the ancient temple for the Egyptian God of the moon Khonshu had been unearthed and after Spector was beaten badly by a man named Roaul Bushman he was left for dead at the site.

Found by the locals that worshipped the Moon God he was placed at the feet of the statue and the God appeared and offered him a deal.

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