MOON KNIGHT: Is the Third Personality Actually His Arch-Enemy? | HIDDEN VILLAIN Explained

Moon Knight’s third episode confirms that there is a third personality in the show–someone who alarms even Marc with his brutality. So who is this new alter? We think that it’s Moon Knight’s original villain: Raul Bushman. Bushman is the mercenary who originally hired Marc and left him for dea din the desert–and then killed Marlene’s father (adapted to be Layla in the show).

It could that Marc thinks another man killed her father, but it was actually this brutal alter ego. Someone who is so bloodthirsty that Marc hid his existence form himself.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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This just confirmed that there is a third identity in the show. And based on the body count and the brutality, this alter is something completely different. The mystery personality is a huge change from the comics.

So we got to try and answer who is the 3rd personality and what does that mean for Marc and Steven.
We think we know exactly who the 3rd personality really is.
And if we are right about our prediction, the identity of the mystery alter could be one of the show’s biggest and most shocking twists yet.

In the 1st episode, we saw the crazy switcheroo between Marc and Steven, as they swapped control over the body.

There is this moment in the first episode, where Steven finds himself surrounded by bodies. Carnage we assumed was caused by Marc.

There is a similar moment in episode 3. But this time it’s Marc that finds himself surrounded by bodies. And Steven is certainly not responsible for this bloodbath.

And so this means only one thing – there is another identity sharing the same body with Marc and Steven.

Before we theorize on who this 3rd alter might be, we got to explain Moon Knight’s other personalities in the comics, because this will make it easier to explain how it plays out in the show.

We covered Moon Knight’s multiple identities in length in this video, so I promise we won’t dive into the comics too much. Especially because they are making so many changes to the nature of the alters.

As I’m sure you are aware by now, Marc Specter suffers from dissociative identity disorder, a mental illness that causes him to manifest multiple personalities. In the comics he has a lot, but there are 5 main alters. There’s Marc, the initial identity. Then there’s Moon Knight, Marc’s vigilante persona. Mr Knight, who is a vigilante detective.

Marc has 2 main civilian alters, both created to infiltrate all forms of society.

The first is Steven Grant. In the comics he’s a billionaire playboy philanthropist, who grants Marc access to high society.

And finally there’s Jake Lockley. A taxi driver who serves as Marc’s eyes and ears on the streets.

Fans have been wondering if they will even see the Jake persona in the show. And now we might have gotten our answer, the mystery identity is most likely Jake Lockley.

But he’s going to be drastically different in the MCU.

After all, Steven is not a rich businessman, he’s quite the opposite of his counterpart in the comics.
There’s also Mr Knight, and he was altered for the show as well. Instead of being a cerebral detective, Mr Knight seems to be simply Steven’s masked identity. Though the suit the snazzy allows Steven to gain a lot of confidence.

All of this means that Jake Lockley is going to be altered for the show as well. He is presented as a brutal and deadly personality. So it’s doubtful he will be a taxi driver, unless he’s a taxi driver like Travis Bickle. Now that will be awesome!

But the Jake persona will be a lot more obscure than that.
So here’s how I believe it could work.

When Marc started working as a mercenary, his life was in constant danger, he was always in life and death situations – even before becoming Moon Knight.
Marc might be ferocious who has no problem inflicting pain and even death, but he’s not a murderous savage. He has conscience and moral rules. But his job required him to be ruthless, kill without asking questions.

His mental disorder began protecting him from his killings. His mind created a new personality, a scapegoat to carry the burden of the trail of bodies he left behind. And thus, Jake Lockley was created.

Marc’s dark side, his murderous alter, the one that has no limits.

Steven and Jake represent the extremes of Marc’s nature, two polar opposite aspects of his personality.
Steven acts as Marc’s softer and kinder nature, while Jake represents his more vicious and deadly side.

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