MOON KNIGHT: Is KONSHU The Show’s Secret Villain?

Moon Knight episode 2 deepened the mystery of the show, introducing us to mercenary Marc Spector, and explaining his bargain with Konshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. Marc swore to be Konshu’s avatar, to be the fist of vengeance, and Steven–one of his multiple personalities–is along for the ride. But when you go back and look at the comics, you see that Konshu is not a benevolent god. He forced Marc into servitude, and manipulated him for his entire life, taking advantage of his illness. In this video, we break down why Konshu might actually be the villain behind the show.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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Well, episode 2 of Moon Knight was quite the escalation, wasn’t it? The ending raises some important questions about Khonshu, and his true nature. Because he’s clearly far from being a benevolent god. He seems to be more on the evil side.

So what does Khonshu really want? Can Moon Knight trust him? And what does the god want with Layla?

Let’s explain the unique relationship between Moon Knight and Khonshu. And what all of it means for Moon Knight’s story.

Right from episode 1 it was clear that Khonshu is not such a nice entity.
I mean he went all-horror-monster movie on Steven. And he did the same thing again in this episode. I mean relax, bird-face, you are an 8 foot-tall being with a floating head. You are scary as it is, no need for all the theatrics. And he’s really mean to the poor Steven.

But now episode 2 sheds new light on the moon god.

Marc’s deal with Khonshu is very complicated, even if we don’t use the comics to explain it.

Marc is Khonshu’s avatar, he is the first of vengeance. He’s meant to deliver the god’s justice.

And they are fighting against Arthur Harrow and his cult, who are serving the way too judgmental goddess, Ammit. And once Ammit is freed, she will kill countless people for crimes they have not yet committed.

So on paper, Harrow and Ammit are the bad guys, and Khonshu is more of a jerk who’s not really evil. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Before we begin explaining Khonshu’s true motivations, we have to discuss the big twist of episode 2. And it’s that Arthur Harrow was Khonshu’s avatar before Marc.

And this is important.

For starters this is a major change for the show, since Harrow wasn’t a servant of Khonshu in the comics.

Marc isn’t the first Moon Knight, there have been countless others who had served the moon god over the ages.

We don’t know that much about Harrow’s time as the previous Moon Knight, but he seems to be a pretty bloodthirsty and a brutal individual. I mean it takes a special kind of person to go from serving a moon god to becoming a cult leader. So I would assume he wasn’t the best person to begin with.

Khonshu sure knows how to pick them.

And that’s it really, the god seems to prey on the desperate and the mentaly ill. Those who are already unstable, the type of people he can manipulate easier.

Marc is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, and he has a bloody past because of his mercenary life. So basically making a deal with Khonshu is like making a deal with the devil.

Being Khonshu’s Fist of vengeance means delivering his own sense of justice. But there is a huge difference between justice and vengeance. Khonshu claims he’s fighting for justice, but in truth he wants vengeance. It’s a contradiction, because justice cannot be done out of selfish reasons, it needs to be honest and fair. Vengeance is about revenge, it’s about making yourself feel better for selfish and personal reasons. It’s biased. And for Khonshu it’s about hurting those he punishes, making them pay with violence and pain.

And this brings us to Khonshu’s true nature. He’s not a belevenont god. He appeared as such early in Moon Knight’s stories.

But in recent stories, he became more of an antagonist to Moon Knight. In fact, Khonshu has been established as a malignant entity.
Khonshu is a vengeful, brutal, jealous and at times sadistic god.

And based on how Khonshu is presented in the first couple episodes, the god is far from being Marc’s ally, he’s someone who just manipulates and tries to control him.

Ever since Marc made a deal with Khonshu to save his life, the god has been manipulating and exploiting Marc’s body and mental state.

But recent stories in the comics have revealed Khonshu’s true nature. The show is heavily influenced by the two stories that exposed the god for what he really is, and those stories give us some hints to what we can expect from the god in the show.

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