Moon Knight Image Reveals Oscar Isaac in Alternate Costume For Marvel Hero

Moon Knight is going to be unlike any Marvel show that we’ve seen before, not just in terms of the “brutal” violence that Kevin Feige promises it will not “pull back on,” but also in terms of how it handles mental health. The Marvel Studios president shared the revelations with star Oscar Isaac in Empire’s April cover story, which features a brand-new image of the superhero, whose powers stem from an ancient Egyptian deity known as Khonshu.

The new image shows Moon Knight—aka, mild-mannered store employee Steven Grant and the ex-Marine Marc Spector—in a rather pristine-looking costume that appears to belong to Mr. Knight, one of his several identities. Marc/Steven, you see, has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The cover image, however, shows him in an entirely different outfit. This one consists of bandages and golden accessories. In his hands are two lethal-looking weapons, and if you look closer, you’ll spot battered knuckles smeared with blood.

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