Movie Content Plus Video Moon Knight: 25 Things You Missed

Moon Knight: 25 Things You Missed

The Avatar of Khonshu has finally landed and complete his own season of Disney+ television, and with that distinction comes a whole plethora of Easter eggs, references, and little details that make fans do that excited Chuck Jones whistling wolf thing. It’s an exciting time to be a Marvel fan. So, let’s take a look at twenty five fun deets you may have missed! Please note that this is aimed more at the casual fan, so if you DO happen to know all these things… well, just enjoy the dulcet tones of your host, I guess. In this video we’ll cover all sorts of references to Marc Spector’s comic book history, the meaning of Gus the Goldfish, the use of Bob Dylan’s “Every Grain of Sand”, and of course JAKE FREAKIN’ LOCKLEY. WHOOOO THERE’S OUR BOI!

Sorry, it’s all very exciting. We love ourselves a third alter showing up, especially when it’s everyone’s second favorite taxi driver. Oh, and Scarlet Scarab! Who expected that to happen? Well, a lot of people – but still, it’s cool, and worth mentioning if only for the fact that we got an Egyptian superhero! Took the wind out of the moment’s sails when the script calls it out directly, but hey – it’s better than all the Marvel women stepping forward in Endgame, right?

What are you still reading this for? There’s a whole video to dig into! Don’t you want to know where Donna showed up in the comics? Who the heck Bushman is? What those QR codes lead to? So many fun things you may or may not have noticed!


0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Deus Ex Lockley
2:10 – Jake Lockley References
2:30 – Limo
2:46 – Scarlet Scarab
4:03 – Sienkiewicz Hospital
4:27 – Putnam Psychiatric Hospital
5:03 – Foreshadowing Steven’s “Death”
5:36 – Goldfish Memory
6:30 – Fish Tank
6:52 – Duchamp
7:37 – Donna Kraft
7:48 – Crawley
8:27 – Bushman
10:05 – Black Panther’s Ancestral Plane
10:35 – QR Codes
11:12 – Hospital on a Boat
11:40 – Spaceman Toy
12:35 – Scales
12:48 – Tomb Buster
13:30 – The Legend of Khonshu
13:45 – Action Figure
13:57 – Waterson
14:11 – “Every Grain of Sand”
14:49 – 1975

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