Mission Impossible 8 Stunt: Tom Cruise on an Upside-Down Plane

Pictures and videos of Tom Cruise, engaged in yet another death-defying stunt for the upcoming Mission Impossible 8, have arrived online. According to The Sun, the sequence was being rehearsed 2000 ft above Cambridge. Cruise was photographed practicing the stunt, which appears to involve a World War II biplane.

He took off from the Duxford Aerodrome in Cambridgeshire and slipped out of the cockpit to make his way onto the wing of the aircraft when it hit a certain altitude. Harnessed to the wing, Cruise dangled himself upside down, which is when the plane flipped on its belly, leaving the actor sitting the right side up. The pilot then sent the plane into a nosedive, and performed a spin, before Cruise made his way back into the cockpit.

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