Movie Content Plus Video MCU’s Most Comic Accurate Suits Ranked

MCU’s Most Comic Accurate Suits Ranked

It’s not always the clothes that make the hero, but in some instances, yeah that’s pretty much it. All of the MCU’s iconic heroes can thank their looks to a team of costume designers drawing inspiration from their original comic appearance. And listen don’t get me wrong, comic accurate isn’t always a good thing. Take the tin can on Ant Man’s head for example. However, some extremely comic accurate translations from page to screen have worked wonders for the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s take a look at and rank the most comic accurate MCU suits right now!

It’s not only superheroes who bring their outfits to life, and in Mysterio’s case, he probably took more time than anyone. If there’s one villain whose look I never thought would work in live action, it was Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. The First Avenger’s suit had to be updated if only slightly. Different from his first comic appearance, the suit became much more in line with a soldier’s uniform than the skin tight spandex worn by Captain America back in the 60’s. Doctor Strange’s super suit is definitely more about function. It’s for this reason many of the staples of his outfit appear in live action. Whether it be silly or extremely useful, there’s something to be said for staying true to the source material, and the MCU has done that quite a bit. Which MCU suit do you think was pulled straight of the comic book page? Be sure to like, subscribe and comment your answer, or the best costume you get in the future is Drax’s. It’s literally just pants.



0:00 Intro
0:20 Steve Rogers
1:09 Daredevil
1:56 Mysterio
2:38 Rocket Raccoon
3:17 Red Guardian
3:56 US Agent
4:38 Moon Knight
5:19 Captain Marvel
6:02 Kate Bishop
6:46 Doctor Strange
7:29 Thor
8:16 Hercules
8:58 Spider-Man
9:46 Ms. Marvel
10:30 Black Bolt
11:11 Iron Man
11:52 Scarlet Witch
12:48 Black Panther
13:33 Classic Loki
14:23 Sam Wilson

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