Movie Content Plus Video MCU Storylines That Completely Disappeared

MCU Storylines That Completely Disappeared

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its cohesiveness. A plot line that began in the original "Iron Man" can develop through a dozen Marvel movies, and reach a satisfying conclusion without missing a beat. We’ve watched characters like Captain America become a hero, fight a ton of supervillains, and eventually get a happy ending.

But because Marvel’s movies spin off in so many directions, with so many characters, not every plot line gets a real conclusion, and some are still waiting for their resolution. Here are a few MCU storylines that completely disappeared without explanation.

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The Leader | 0:00
Darcy’s romance | 1:18
Pepper and Tony’s break | 2:13
Erik Selvig’s problems | 3:13
Justin Hammer’s revenge | 3:56
Betty and Bruce’s relationship | 5:02
Nick Fury going rogue | 6:07
The planet Xandar | 7:09
The fate of Bobbi Morse | 8:14
What happened to Ghost? | 9:21
The Scorpion’s revenge | 10:20

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