Movie Content Plus Video MCU Phase 5 Will Make The Eternals Actually Matter

MCU Phase 5 Will Make The Eternals Actually Matter

The Eternals proved to be one of the most divisive movies in an overall divisive Phase of the MCU. The general moody, more solemn atmosphere took a lot of people by surprise and it led to a big question on what exactly is going to happen next with this group of immortals. Well, that at least was one question after the credits rolled. The other big question of course was what the heck was going to happen now that a giant Celestial almost destroyed Earth and is now poking out of the ground like some massive eye sore.

Seriously, what do people on the MCU’s Earth think about this development? How would we react if we suddenly realized that Earth was actually an egg and our only purpose in life was to wait around until it hatched? Our belief system would be shattered! I mean, it probably already is at that point with things like Alien Invasions happening on the regular, but even if we’re numb to any new weird superhero thing, you would think at least more people would be talking about the giant monster sticking out of the Earth!

But Phase 5 has the chance to fix all of this. There are rumors that the MCU has big plans for Tiamut and they might directly involve the mutants and a certain infamous comic book location. How would that work in the MCU? And how would a rag-tag team like the Thunderbolts be involved? Well that’s what I’m going to discuss today! Join me as I discuss how the MCU will actually make the Eternals matter in the next phase! After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome MCU discussions like this! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started!



0:00 – Intro
0:20 The Eternals Return
4:59 Genosha Rises
9:24 Thunderbolts vs X-Men

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