MCU In Trouble – WGA Writer’s Strike EXPLAINED

The MCU is in Trouble, because the WGA strike threatens the entire entertainment industry. In this video we explain why the writers are on strike, and how this affects Marvel, Star Wars, and the Golden Age of Television.

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Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Guest: Adam Loyd
Edited by Randolf Nombrado and Brianna McLarty

#MCU #WGAStrike

Right now there is a theat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s greater than Kang, bigger than Galactus–something that is even more of a danger to marvel than james Gunn’s DCU–and that is the ongoing conflict between the movie studios and the wirters who cerate our most beloved stories.

On May 2nd, 2023 the Writers Guild of America put their pens and keyboards away, opting to go on strike for the sixth time since its founding in 1954. And this one event is going to be the number one force that shapes Marvel and Star wars for YEARS to come.

DOUG: The who, what now?

RYAN: Come on man, The Writers Guild of America. They’re the Hollywood Labor Union that represents professional film, television, radio, and comedy writers across the country. Some of our favorite fandom writers like, Michael Waldron, Jeff Loveness, Jessica Gao, Jac Schaeffer, even Jon Favrau and Dave Filoni are all members of the WGA.

DOUG: OH. Don’t get me started, I’m kind of mad about the whole thing.

RYAN: What? Why? I would think a manager of a video store would love writers?

DOUG: Because some shows and movies I was excited about like BLADE, Daredevil Born Again, Andor Season 2, have all paused production because of those writers! Now I’m going to have to wait even longer for those titles to be released.

RYAN: Well, hold on there buddy, I would actually frame it a much different way.

DOUG: Like how?

RYAN: Well, what if I told you that it isn’t the WRITERS who WANT to be on strike?

DOUG: Then you would have my attention as I prepare to have my little point of view changed.

RYAN: [clip] Chances are that over the past few weeks, fans have either seen online or heard in the news that many of their favorite television shows or films have been halted mid-filming. Late night fans have probably noticed that all the tonight shows are down. Saturday Night Live is down. The list is long, and grows larger and larger each day, and it might stay that way until a fair contract deal between the WGA and the AMPTP is reached. MEANING that many of our favorite shows and films might have their release dates pushed back.

DOUG: Wait…The who again?

RYAN: The AMPTP is the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. An organization of suits that represent major film and television studios during labor negotiations with all the major Hollywood unions. When contracts are up, the AMPTP negotiates on behalf of studios like Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony, Paramount, AMAZON, and others. They are responsible for reaching collective bargaining agreements with these unions on issues such as compensation, working conditions, and benefits.

DOUG: So they’re the people the writers told their demands to for their new contracts?

RYAN: Correct!

DOUG: Oh, so how did it go?

RYAN: Not good, Doug. Not good at all. [clip]

DOUG: What did the writers ask for?

RYAN: Luckily, the WGA has been very clear and concise on their demands, even sending out a list of the guild’s official asks, and the responses from the AMPTP. Overall, writers are asking for around 430 million dollars per year to address major issues within the profession such as writer’s room sizes, residual payments on projects, paid development for features, and even the usage of AI in scripts.

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