MCU Characters Who Will Make Up the Young Avengers


Phase 4 of the MCU has really started to branch out and lay the seeds for an exciting array of new team-ups that aren’t just the normal, everyday Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. You have Valentina Allegra de Fontaine’s growing group of Dark Avengers, you have General Ross’s potential version of the Thunderbolts, and you have the kid versions of main heroes, basically a group of kids who probably don’t know that there was once a time when Netflix was solely a place to rent DVDs. It’s those special heroes who I want to focus on today. I want to talk about all the potential heroes we’ve already met, like Speed and Wiccan, who could fill the ranks, as well as discuss the exciting new heroes like Iron Lad who could make a big impact.

There’s just so much to discuss with this superhero team! The biggest question I want to answer first is just who exactly would lead them? I think it has to be an established hero in order to segue into this new era, so that’s why I think a hero like Spider-Man would be perfect for this role. What better way to see how he’s grown than to have him take a leadership role on a team? If Spider-Man is off doing multiverse stuff, then I actually think White Vision would be a good candidate to lead the team. There’s comic precedent for this and it would be an interesting dynamic with characters like Speed or Wiccan. Oh and yes, of course I’m going to talk about Kid Loki and all the mischief he could get up to in the future.

So join me today as I discuss the exciting team up that I hope to see in either Phase 4 or 5! Who do you think should make the cut? Let me know down in the comments below and be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button or else we’ll never see Harley Keener again! Better not risk it. Let’s get started.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Spider-Man
02:20 Kate Bishop
03:47 Kid Loki
05:06 Speed
06:18 Wiccan
07:05 Iron Heart
08:10 Eli Bradley
08:58 Stature
09:43 Iron Lad
10:45 Hulkling
11:25 Ms. Marvel
12:19 Miss America
13:08 Harley Keener
13:46 Vision

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