Movie Content Plus Video Matrix Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Matrix Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

When “The Matrix Resurrections” came out almost two decades after the original trilogy closed, one thing became clear: fans are ready to “Enter the Matrix” once again. Indeed, this high-concept sci-fi action series has tons of lore, making the possibility of spin-off franchises — as Agent Smith would say — “inevitable.”

Considering how many compelling characters we’ve seen so far in the series, it would be hard to predict who may take the lead in the next adventure. No matter the protagonist, such a film will certainly be exciting. To help break it down, we’re discussing Matrix characters who deserve their own spin-off.

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Trinity | 0:00
Morpheus | 1:20
Niobe | 2:45
Ghost | 3:32
Smith | 4:22
Bugs | 5:50
The Oracle | 6:37
Seraph | 7:53
Kid | 8:57
Commander Lock | 10:01
The Architect and the Analyst | 10:56

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