Movie Content Plus Video Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Spoiler-Free Review

Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Spoiler-Free Review

"Eternals" is unlike anything we’ve seen from Marvel so far, according to CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor Sean O’Connell. Introducing us to some of the oldest beings in the universe, this fresh take on a superhero team by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao is exactly what Phase Four of the MCU needed. Here’s why.

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – ‘Eternals” Setting Makes For A Truly Unique Story
03:41 – The Solid Team Dynamic Elevates ‘Eternals’ Above Other MCU Properties
05:45 – Chloé Zhao’s Oscar-Winning Talent Shines Through
07:49 – Final Thoughts and Star Review
09:01 – Outro

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