Marvel TV Shows That Were Canceled Before They Were Even Made

Now, in a golden age of Marvel movies and TV shows, it’s hard to imagine a world where a unified Marvel universe didn’t exist, or was plagued by failure. But today, because of the many flops of the past, and we’re looking at you Howard the Duck and Fantastic Four, Marvel is especially careful at what it includes in its media offerings. And because of that, many planned and announced TV shows never make it past their initial phases.

So, what has the world lost out on? Here are a few Marvel TV shows that were canceled before they were even made.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Hulk | 0:00
Fox’s Punisher | 1:03
Mockingbird | 1:58
Marvel’s Most Wanted | 2:55
Hellfire | 3:46
Tigra & Dazzler | 4:34
Brother Voodoo | 5:18
Howard the Duck | 6:01
The Offenders | 7:21
Ghost Rider | 8:06
John Ridley’s mystery project | 8:51
Damage Control | 9:44
New Warriors | 10:22
Donald Glover’s Deadpool | 11:10

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