Movie Content Plus Video Marvel: Most Powerful Weapons We Will See In Phase 5

Marvel: Most Powerful Weapons We Will See In Phase 5

The MCU in four phases has introduced some of the deadliest and craziest weapons ever put to film. The Infinity Stones and the gauntlet, the Eye of Agamotto, the Pym Particle are just some of the weapons that have completely changed the game in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Phase 5 has a list of untapped talent to choose from. The MCU is filled with incredible weapons, but do you really think Marvel lore is tapped out at this point? Let’s take a look at the most powerful weapons the MCU phase 5 may introduce right now.

One phase 5 game changing weapon has already made a brief cameo in phase 4. Dane Whitman the Black Knight famously wields a sword called the Ebony blade. This special weapon forged by Merlin carries several unique abilities. If there is one up-and-comer in the MCU who’s next Adventure is highly anticipated, it is that of Riri Williams AKA Iron Heart. Phase 5 will see Riri get her own Disney plus series starring as the title character. One of the few times a Kang variant chose to walk the straight and narrow was thankfully also one of his most ingenious. The young Nathaniel Richards had achieved incredible inventions before he could even legally drive a car, at least in our century. Maces, Swords, Vortex’s and time travel suits are basically just scratching the surface as to what weapons of mass destruction could be on their way in Phase 5. Plus I think the ball that Drax hits that girl with could be hiding some cosmic powers. What do you think is the most powerful weapon that could be introduced in Phase 5? Be sure to like, subscribe and comment your answer, or else the best weapon you’re getting is Mordo’s jumping boots or whatever.



0:00 Intro
0:18 Elemental Gun
1:10 Wolverine’s Claws
2:01 Gold Mace
2:42 Ebony Blade
3:26 Quantum Bands
4:04 Watcher’s Eye
4:45 Ultra Diode Ray
5:28 Tactigon
6:09 Carbonadium Blade
6:45 Ironheart’s Armor
7:31 Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
8:15 Thunderstrike
8:56 Light of the Centuries Sphere
9:29 Norn Stones
10:15 Blade
11:01 Iron Lad Armor
11:51 Cerebro
12:36 Growing Man
13:19 Black Vortex
14:09 Kang’s Armor

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