Movie Content Plus Video Marvel: Most Powerful Cosmic Heroes Ranked

Marvel: Most Powerful Cosmic Heroes Ranked

Heroes within Marvel, are often put into categories based upon what they can do.

And I’m not talking about the hierarchy of powers that fans usually use as shorthand here, though an earlier draft of this script did just that. No, instead I’m talking about how heroes are broken down into mainly where they fight evil.

Street level heroes, international heroes, you know the deal. But in this video, I’m not gonna be talking about those. Instead I’m gonna talk about the ones whose jurisdiction is a bit higher up than all of them, the cosmic heroes.

Ya know, the characters who spend a good amount of time out there amongst the stars. Or, at least, those that come from somewhere out there. So yea, aliens are totally on the table here.

So hey, why don’t we take a small handful of them, and try to figure out which one is the most powerful? That sounds like a good time if ya ask me! So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive right into it!


0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Captain Universe
3:25 – Adam Warlock
4:47 – Franklin Richards
6:30 – Genis-Vell
7:45 – Carol Danvers
8:54 – Silver Surfer
9:55 – Mar-Vell
11:03 – Nova
12:20 – Monica Rambeau
13:28 – Beta Ray Bill

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