Movie Content Plus Video MARVEL Has to Fix This MISTAKE to Make KANG Great

MARVEL Has to Fix This MISTAKE to Make KANG Great

Kang the Conqueror is going to make his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But is he going to be one of the all-time great villains like Loki or Killmonger? Or a much-hyped disappointment like Ultron or Malekith? In this video we explain exactly how Kang can be the best big-bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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So we know that Kang the conqueror is the big bad of the multiverse saga. Loki established him as the biggest threat to the multiverse. But what kind of a villain Kang is going to be?

We all know what makes a great MCU villain: An interesting story, great acting, menacing presence, and of course a compelling motivation.

One of my worries for Kang right now is that the MCU already created a much more interesting version of Kang, and that’s He Who Remains.

But luckily Loki sets up a great story for Kang, and if Marvel realizes its potential, then Kang could be something really special. And since Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania is introducing Kang in the MCU, that’s the movie that should establish his motivations.
So here’s how Kang could be one of the best and most compelling villains the MCU ever had.

So far all we know about the MCU’s Kang is that he’s doing something in the quantum realm.
According to He Who Remains from Loki, Kang is the biggest threat to reality and he’s going to start a multiversal war.

Loki also gives us an indication to how powerful Kang is going to be.
He Who Remains had access to tech that makes Iron Man look like a caveman.
He had control over the timeline. He could travel the multiversal. He knew everything that will happen, and he created the TVA which was located in a reality that nerfed the Infinity stones.

So imagine just how terrifying and powerful Kang is going to be.

Considering that Kang’s statue is now decorating the TVA, they are under his control, meaning that Kang is now as powerful as He Who Remains.

The difference is that He Who Remains tried to preserve the timeline, Kang wants to conquer the multiverse and start a war.

And based on the comic con trailer for Quantumania that came out a few months ago, he has already fought the Avengers from other universes.

That trailer ended with Scott saying that he’s an Avenger and Kang is messing with the wrong guy.
But Kang simply responded by saying “you are an Avenger, have I killed you before?”

So yeah that means that not only faced the variants of Avengers, he actually killed them.
Meaning that Kang has been through so many universes, and fought so many Avengers that at this point he can kill them with his eyes closed.

But being very powerful is not the most interesting character trait, as we all know. No doubt that Kang being a more dangerous villain than Thanos is mighty impressive, especially considering that under all of his tech, he’s just a normal human being with no special abilities.

But none of that matters if Kang isn’t an interesting character with compelling motivations. It doesn’t mean Kang needs to be a sympathetic villain, but he needs a reason that makes us care and understand why he wants to conquer the multiverse.

And Loki sets up the perfect story for Kang.

So long ago, the multiverse existed in complete chaos. In the 31st century, the many variants of Nathaniel Richards discovered the multiverse.
Some of them worked together for the betterment of the multiverse.
But others decide to wage a multiversal war. And the variant that started this war is Kang.

The Kang war almost destroyed reality, but then He Who Remains put an end to the war. He found a big vape dog in the tears between universes and used the monster to erase all of his variants and their universes.

Then he created the sacred timeline. A universe that was fully under his control. And for eons, He who remains and the TVA enforced the sacred timeline to make sure that it won’t branch off into the multiverse and lead to another Kang war.

But here’s the thing, when He Who Remains created the sacred timeline, he wiped out all of his variants from existence. Meaning he fed countless universes and all life in them to Alioth.

To save the multiverse from collapsing he committed genocide on a scale that we can’t even begin to fathom.

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