Movie Content Plus Video Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Swords Ranked

Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Swords Ranked


We’ve talked about a lot of different pieces of the Marvel arsenal lately. We’ve touched upon items belonging to specific heroes, like I did a little bit ago with my video on Green Goblin’s armory, and we’ve even ranked the weapons belonging to specific groups, such as when our ranking of Asgardian weapons.

So, let’s keep this train-a-rollin and switch things up a bit. Lemme ask you something: what is the coolest type of melee weapon there is?

It’s swords! Blades, longswords, katanas, gladius’, claymores! All those fun implements of pain! Sorry axe fans, swords are just way cooler looking. And mace fans, you guys need to go sit down…and think about your life.

As such, some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe are swords. Don’t believe me? Well, in this video, I’m gonna go through a handful of the most overpowered blades in the comics, ranking them from least to most powerful.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive right into it.

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Dragonfang
2:11 – Excalibur
3:37 – Ebony Blade
4:55 – Soulsword
6:18 – Blade of the Phoenix
7:28 – Quantum Sword
8:18 – Grasscutter & Godkiller
9:32 – Muramasa Blade
11:29 – Twilight Sword
12:56 – Odinsword

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