Movie Content Plus Video MANDALORIAN Season 3 Trailer BREAKDOWN: Every EASTER EGG + Vader Cameo EXPLAINED


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The Mandalorian Season 3 is almost here with a Mandalorian Civil War about to erupt. We breakdown the hidden Darth Vader cameo, the connection to Star wars rebels, and explain all of the complicated back story to the Star wars universe.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Sean Martin, and Srinidhi Rao

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Very brief reap here of the history of mandalore–and this won;t take long if you’re all caught up with the animated series. So mandalore has always been a planet of warriors that was prone to civil wars. The mandalorians were originally united by a jedi mandalorian named Tarre Vizsla, who wielded the darksaber. So the darksaber has the ability to unite the various mandalorian clans and houses, and it’s won through combat–like the elder wand.

After a war turned their entire planet into a desert, pacifists took control of the planet and built these massive domed cities. While the warrior sect–death watch–was exiled to their moon. Eventually death watch staged a coup on mandalore with the help of darth maul, and this started another mandalorian civil war.

There’s two key players here. One is Duchess Satine, the pacifist leader of mandalore and the former lover –maybe?–of obi wan kenobi [I would have left the order]. And the other is her sister, Bo-Katan Kryze. She was a member of death watch, but led the rebellion against darth maul. At the end of the clone wars she re-conquered mandalore with help from ahsoka tano but afterwards the empire ousted her from power.

About 4 years before a new hope, bo katan regained the darksaber and united mandalorians against the empire. Then Moff Gideon took it from her in a duel, and the empire decimated Mandalore and pillaged it for the mineral beskar. [these are things from the great purge, ep 2]

So now Bo katan wants to rule mandalore again, but she has to beat din drain in a duel for the saber. She can’t just accept it as a gift, like she did last time [sabine, take it].

All right so that’s the recap, now let’s get to the trailer. We open a fridge, which immediately calls to mind the westerns of John ford. Ford is one of the all time greatest film directors, and his 1939 film stagecoach rejuvenated the genre. Before Ford, westerns were shot largely in studios or on baclots. Ford took the productions into the deserts around Los Angeles so he could tell these wide, expansive stories. His films, especially the Searchers, were a major influence on Star wars. [split screen].

Then Ludwig Gorrensons’s score hits us with a stinger [clip]. That is straight out of the spaghetti westerns of sergio leone [clip, stinger].

Now as for what these mandalorians are doing..I think that we are going to see a bit of mandalorian infighting in this season. Bo Katan’s group could be on this world to seek out the faction led by the armorer. And the armorer, by the way, could be from the faction of mandalorians that were loyal to darth maul; she wears horns on her helmet, and so did the warriors who swore for Maul in the clone wars.

Liam likes star wars on twitter and pointed out that the badge on this guy’s pauldron marks him as being from clan eldar. And in Star Wars Rebels, they pledged themselves to Bo-Katan Kryze [clip].

Din djarin narrates [our people are scattered like stars]. And when he says this, he doens;t just mean that the mandalorians are physically scattered after the destruction of their world–they are scattered culturally. We saw in the season 1 flashback that Dan was rescued by death watch–and that is the same group that Bo katan’s sect split from. So this season could see these two factions reuniting into one coalition of mandalorian forces.

Din hints at this when he says [What do we stand for?]

Doug: Most nights I don’t know.

And then we see exactly who the mandalorians on the ridge are approaching–this is the sect led by the armorer. Notice this sect of mandalorians do not share a uniform color for their armor–and this is interesting. Deathwatch wore the same armor, and for the most part the mandalorians on the cover in season 1 did. But now we’ve got more brightly colored armor, different designs. These narrow slits are usually worn by women. For instance this one is your mom.

Now it’s nothing new for mandalorians to paint their armor. As sabine wren said in rebels [clip].

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