Movie Content Plus Video MAJOR MCU Easter Eggs You Missed In MCU Phase 4

MAJOR MCU Easter Eggs You Missed In MCU Phase 4


Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end, and that’s kind of insane because it felt like it started yesterday. From Wandavision to Wakanda Forever, we’ve gotten so many stories between the Movies and Disney+ shows that it feels overwhelming. What’s even more overwhelming is the number of easter eggs throughout the multiverse of productions that Marvel has churned out over the past two years. We’re going to go over every Easter Egg we’ve found in phase four, from the worldbuilding quirks found in Shang-Chi and She-Hulk to the tease at Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty found in Hawkeye. But this list isn’t limited to only MCU details, but classic comic callbacks as well. Moon Knight had a few more nods to familiar friends than you may have initially foresaw, and unsurprisingly we keep finding things to love about how No Way Home homages the prior Spider-Man films. The easter eggs and secrets go beyond any form of Marvel, stretching out to deep-cut guilty pleasure Rom Coms as seen in Thor: Love and Thunder. And we delve into some of the creative influences on the films too, like what inspired Chloe Xhao on Eternals, particularly the callouts to Superman and Batman. If you’re curious about X-Men easter eggs, we’ve got them too! From the minor cameo of Ursa Major in Black Widow to the truth behind Kamala Khan’s mutant powers in Ms. Marvel, there’s definitely some X-cellent content in this video!


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Hawk-Guy was the key
0:40 – Land of Second Chances
1:17 – The “First” Mutant
1:58 – The Second First Mutant
2:21 – Watch Your Frenchie
2:55 – Team Darryl
3:42 – Sentimental Vandalism
4:21 – Righting the Wrongs of the Rings
5:00 – Please Swipe Right
5:31 – Green Goblin Some More
6:16 – Delicious Details
7:04 – Freaky Friday Fight Club
7:44 – I wanna talk to you about…something
8:17 – Back in Black
8:46 – An Eternal Easter Egg
9:12 – A Classic Twist without the incest
9:43 – World’s Finest
10:05 – Ursa Major’s Minor Cameo
10:28 – Knife to Meet You
11:10 – Rest in Power
11:45 – Looking Out For The Little Guy
12:15 – Responsibly Skeptical
12:45 – What’s Up, Doc?
13:09 – A Dream Come Untrue
13:45 – The Un-Living Tribunal
14:18 – A Groovy Easter Egg
14:39 – Oh Captain, My Captain

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Edited by: Patrice Scott

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