Movie Content Plus Video M3GAN Moments That Made Our Skin Crawl

M3GAN Moments That Made Our Skin Crawl

From death by power washer to a murderous "doom dance," these are the wild "M3GAN" moments that will keep you up at night for weeks to come.

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The construction of M3GAN | 0:00
M3GAN pairs with Cady | 1:14
Watching Cady sleep | 2:18
Threatening the therapist | 3:23
Attacking Gemma’s coworkers | 4:19
Dance of doom | 5:19
M3GAN lives? | 6:15
M3GAN kills the neighbor | 7:06
M3GAN kills Gemma’s boss | 8:09
M3GAN attacks Brandon | 9:10
M3GAN attacks Gemma and Cady | 10:12

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