Movie Content Plus Video M3GAN: 7 Things You Missed

M3GAN: 7 Things You Missed


M3GAN’s release date hit before the year was even finished with its first week, and it is already one of the top movies of 2023. The world loves the creepy doll that knows far too much and commits far too many homicidal and violent crimes. However, has everyone put together some of the most hidden key pieces in the film? Definitely not. M3GAN wouldn’t have missed them, and we didn’t either. That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

We break down easter eggs in the film from The Shining to ET to Die Hard. We analyze the smallest details that M3GAN definitely picked up on and could wreak havoc with in the hopefully upcoming sequel. There’s also a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in the book, and the drawing of Alice on the cover of that looks just like M3GAN for obvious literary parallel reasons. We also delve into the reason M3GAN drops to all fours when she’s in the forest (surprise, she becomes an animal!) and the significance of the three bars in the M3GAN posters and trailers. It’s also important to talk about the significance of Gemma’s collectibles in the film and how they relate to the way M3GAN is perceived by everyone around her. Finally, we talk about the glasses of water that Cady doesn’t put on coasters throughout the film and how they lead to M3GAN’s downfall the same way M3GAN leads to Gemma’s downfall. It makes sense in the video, but it’s a lot to unpack. Good thing we did it for you so M3GAN didn’t have to.


0:00 Intro
0:18 Easter Eggs
1:54 Details for M3GAN’s Database
2:48 M3GAN’s Look-Alike
3:52 M3GAN Becoming an Animal
5:01 The 3 in M3GAN
5:46 The Collectible
7:03 The Glasses of Water

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Written by: Emily Burr
Narrated by: John Aljets
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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