Movie Content Plus Video Lucy Boynton Interview: Finding Her Agent, Sing Street, Pale Blue Eye and More

Lucy Boynton Interview: Finding Her Agent, Sing Street, Pale Blue Eye and More

I’ve been actively seeking out Lucy Boynton’s work ever since catching The Blackcoat’s Daughter at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2015. She’s been delivering big ever since, making surprising choices and showing off great range at every turn so, of course, I’ve been eager to have her as a guest on Collider Ladies Night, and now the time has come.

The icing on the cake? She’s an ideal interviewee for a show like Ladies Night. Throughout our chat, it was abundantly clear that Boynton’s an artist who’s very in touch with her craft and deeply values the influences who have helped shape the actor she’s become — or rather, the influences that have shown her she has the authority to shape her craft and her career path how she wants.

In celebration of her latest feature film, The Pale Blue Eye, arriving on Netflix, Boynton joined me for a Ladies Night conversation to revisit her journey from playing a boulder in a school play (yes, a boulder) to building a filmography that’s packed to the brim with inspiring collaborators, different genres, and opportunities to take big swings.

Listen to the uncut 30-minute conversation here:

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00:00 Dicey Questions
02:20 Introduction
02:43 School Plays
04:52 Lucy’s Agent
06:13 Sing Street
07:54 "Breaking Out" in Hollywood
09:31 More Horror!
09:55 Will Poulter & Jack Reynor
11:55 Betty Gilpin
13:20 The Pale Blue Eye

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