Movie Content Plus Video LOTR: Rings of Power ENDING EXPLAINED! The Stranger Revealed and Season 2 Set-Up!

LOTR: Rings of Power ENDING EXPLAINED! The Stranger Revealed and Season 2 Set-Up!


So, with plenty of plot threads, action and Michael Bay style explosions, season one came to a head in insane fashion, with a bunch of twists and turns with shocking reveals and fake outs, as well as a bunch of lingering plot threads for the future. But what exactly do all these volcanic bombshells mean? Is that character actually who we think they are? And what is Sauron’s next move exactly?

In this video we will go over all that as we recap the events that unfolded in the season finale and how exactly they could play out in season 2. We will go over things such as the hidden reference to the Lord of the Rings series as well as go over some spoiler free plot points that will likely be addressed in the near future. We will also do some brief theories of our own as well as give an even briefer eulogy of a fallen fan favorite. This is the ending to Rings of Power explained (Season One anyway).

What did you make of this video? Were you a fan of season one? Were you shocked by any of the twists or did you see them coming? What do you want and hope to happen in the future? Did the series live up to the movie trilogy? Is that character who we think he is? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for all this and more!


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Recap
4:56 – Season 2

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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