Movie Content Plus Video Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power Episode 6 FULL Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power Episode 6 FULL Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Lord Of The Rings The Rings Of Power Episode 6. Mordor Mount Doom Ending Explained. Sauron vs Adar History, Halbrand, Galadriel & Episode 7 ►
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Lord Of The Rings The Rings Of Power Episode 1 – Episode 8 Finale

Covering Full Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power Episode 6. Mordor Mount Doom Ending Explained. Adar Backstory and Sauron vs Adar and Grand Plan for Mordor. Rings Of Power Episode 7 Trailer and Rings of Power Ending Finale. What Happened To Sauron Explained. Halbrand vs Adar. Galadriel and Adar Elves Explained. Elrond History, The Silmarils and Origin of Mithril. Origin of The Balrog.

Origin Of Orcs Explained. How Morgoth Created Orcs from the Original Elves. And why Adar is the Orcs Father. Adar and Sauron Contingency Plan. Mordor Explained. Mithril and The Balrog Easter Eggs.

Halbrand Explained. And How he’s the new Aragorn Of Rings Of Power. Witch King of Angmar and The Nazgul Easter Eggs. Isildur and Numenor Explained, The Downfall of Numenor. And Rings Of Power Episode 8 Finale Ending.

Theo’s Sword Explained. Morgoth and Sauron Sword, how they created it and infused it with their power. And why Adar wants the Sword. How Sauron Created the Rings of Power Explained, The One Ring. Lord of the Rings Movies Easter Eggs, Fellowship of the Rings, Two Towers, Return of the King. The Hobbit Movies. Major Characters like Sauron, Galadriel, Elrond Explained. How they’ll handle Gandalf and Hobbits.

Prologue First Age War of Wrath, Morgoth Explained. Two Trees Explained and Galadriel History. The Lord of the Rings Rings Of Power Episodes will begin right after The First Age and the War of Wrath against Morgoth. When Sauron escapes. Young Galadriel will be hunting Sauron and the remaining forces of Morgoth. Young Elrond will be dealing with the Dwarves of Khazad dum and their King Durin. Covering the downfall of numenor.

Black Panther 2 Trailer, Secret Invasion Trailer, Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty Trailer, Avengers 6 Secret Wars Trailer, Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four Teaser.

My House of the Dragon Episode 7 video will post Sunday. Lord Of The Rings Episode 7 video and She Hulk Episode 8 Daredevil video next week!

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