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Loki’s Timeline In The MCU Explained

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From his start as one of the MCU’s first true villains, Loki’s had a pretty huge evolution, from bad guy, to hero, to anti-hero, and everything in between. He’s appeared in one form or another in a handful of Marvel movies. and the repercussions of his actions are felt throughout the known universe. Eventually, he became so beloved that he spun off into his own series, which is something you can’t say for any other MCU villain.

But which Loki is the real Loki? The God of Mischief never makes things all that clear, so it takes some real untangling to present Loki’s timeline in the MCU, explained.

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Frost Giant baby | 0:00
Life on Asgard | 1:06
Fight for the throne | 2:31
Delusions of grandeur | 3:39
Against the Dark Elves | 4:41
King of Asgard | 5:31
Escape to Sakaar | 6:34
Battle for Asgard | 7:34
Confronting Thanos | 7:59
Stealing the Tesseract | 9:10
TVA recruit | 10:18
Working with Sylvie | 11:18
Unleashing the multiverse | 12:31

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