Leslie Bibb Revisits Working with Howard Stern on Private Parts

One’s very first experience on a feature film set can often make a big impression, even if it’s only working on a single scene in the film. That’s exactly what happened to Leslie Bibb while working on the 1997 Paramount release, Private Parts.

The Betty Thomas-directed film is an adaption of the autobiographical chapters from Howard Stern’s 1993 book of the same name. The movie covers Stern’s earliest dreams of being on the radio and then follows what happens as he makes his way from the Boston University radio station to scoring his dream gig, working in New York City at WNBC. That’s where Bibb’s character, an NBC tour guide, steps in. While showing a group of tourists around the building, she brings them by Stern’s studio just in time to see a guest swallow a 13-inch kielbasa sausage. 

During a recent episode of Collider Ladies Night retracting Bibb’s steps in the industry from Private Parts to her latest release, the Netflix series God’s Favorite Idiot, Bibb went into detail on how she scored the part and what it was like stepping onto her very first feature film set.

Check out what she said in this Collider Ladies Night After Hours clip!

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