Last-Minute Actor Replacements That Worked Out For The Better

Last-Minute Actor Replacements That Worked Out For The Better

No one likes getting fired, but sometimes it can be a good thing. From a comedy queen’s Oscar-nominated dramatic turn to an "SNL" star’s breakout role as a wise-cracking cop, these last-minute actor replacements turned out to be the right choice.

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Paul Dano for Kel O’Neill | 0:00
Jamie Dornan for Charlie Hunnam | 1:05
Jodie Foster for Nicole Kidman | 2:06
Harrison Ford for Tom Selleck | 3:20
Michelle Pfeiffer for Annette Bening | 4:18
Mark Wahlberg for Ryan Gosling | 5:03
Kevin Peter Hall for Jean-Claude Van Damme | 5:58
Rafe Spall for Tobey Maguire | 7:05
Claire Danes for Natalie Portman | 7:47
Susan Hayward for Judy Garland | 9:06
Melissa McCarthy for Julianne Moore | 10:13
Eddie Murphy for Sylvester Stallone | 11:15
Katherine Heigl for Anne Hathaway | 11:57
Ben Whishaw for Colin Firth | 12:38
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Megan Fox | 13:20
Bryce Dallas Howard for Rachelle Lefevre | 14:33
Sandra Bullock for Lori Petty | 15:47
Jeffrey Weissman for Crispin Glover | 16:28
Mads Mikkelsen for Johnny Depp | 17:29

Voiceover by: Alex Mitts

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