Movie Content Plus Video Kevin Feige on the Inspiration for Venom Joining the MCU

Kevin Feige on the Inspiration for Venom Joining the MCU

At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, an already bonkers superhero movie, a new level of bonkersness is achieved. The Sony Marvel film — part of a series of Sony Marvel films that are unrelated to the Disney MCU films — unleashes a universe-melding post-credits sequence that smushes together heretofore separate film franchises, owned and distributed by these different studios. As Eddie/Venom (Tom Hardy) lies on a bed watching TV for some much-needed R&R, the reality around him shifts and morphs. And suddenly, Eddie and Venom are watching the final moments of Spider-Man: Far From Home, a Sony/Marvel movie that is part of the MCU. And suddenly, it seems as though Venom is about to come crashing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How is this happening? What prompted this collision? And does it really and for serious mean Venom, his chickens, and his glowsticks are in the MCU? Luckily, our very own Steve Weintraub talked to the one guy who would likely know the answers to these questions: Kevin Feige.

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