Movie Content Plus Video Kang’s Most Powerful Suits Ranked

Kang’s Most Powerful Suits Ranked

Kang the Conqueror is known for a number of things. One is for being one of the Avengers’ greatest foes, menacing them and everyone else across all of time as he does his damndest to conquer every single time period he possibly can.

The other is that there’s more versions of him than there are sesame seeds on the average burger bun, many of them with their very own wardrobe to differentiate himself from the main man in the green pajamas.

Whether we’re talking future versions that swap the blue faceplate for a giant helmet, historically accurate outfits befitting the time period he’s conquering, a mishmash of other characters or something more, shall we say form fitting that to go with his current variant, Kang has sported a number of looks and identities through the ages. And even if some of them hate each other and do everything they can to step on each other’s toes, they’re all unique and interesting in their own right.

And with great suits come great powers! Depending on what time period he is in or what era of his life he is currently living through, Kang has switched up his battle strategies almost as much as his duds. That’s why in this video, we’re taking a peek into his wardrobe, and his multiversal escapades, and picking out some of his very deadliest numbers.

Sit back, watch the red carpet unroll and enjoy the greatest fashion show of all time – if you survive it!



0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Rama-Tut
1:23 – Scarlet Centurion
2:32 – Immortus
3:20 – Iron Lad
4:14 – Kid Immortus
5:08 – Mr. Gryphon
5:54 – Victor Timely
6:50 – Ultimate Kang
7:48 – Kamala Kang
8:40 – Chronos-Tut
9:31 – Doom the Annihilating Conqueror
10:34 – Kang The Time-Eater

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