Movie Content Plus Video JURASSIC WORLD 3: Dominion Secrets You Missed! (2022)

JURASSIC WORLD 3: Dominion Secrets You Missed! (2022)

In this episode of our KinoCheck Originals, you’ll learn about secrets, easter eggs and other references you might have missed in Jurassic World: Dominion! | Subscribe ➤ | More
We are going to discuss the secrets, Easter Eggs and other things you might have missed while watching the newly released Jurassic World: Dominion! If you haven’t watched the movie yet, press pause, watch it and then come back, because we’re going to discuss some spoilers…

00:00 Jurassic World: Dominion
00:27 Dogson Is Back
01:56 Dr Henry Wu
03:09 Return Of The Shaving Cream Can
03:57 Dilophosaurus’ Reappearance
05:04 Dr. Grant vs. Dr. Malcolm
06:11 Old Fossils, New Moments
06:38 Reusing Old Tricks
07:11 Divorce As A Common Theme
08:24 Indiana Jones Reference
09:13 Grant Has Fans

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