Jackass Forever’s Best And Worst Moments

After 20 years throwing themselves off ramps, getting punched in the nuts, and torturing each other with tasers and snapping turtles, Johnny Knoxville and the gang prove that there’s still life in the old dogs yet with "Jackass Forever." The long-awaited sequel sees a majority of the cast returning for yet another series of hilarious and uncomfortable stunts performed for your viewing pleasure and discomfort. But which new set pieces belong in the hall of fame next to "High Five" and which will make you squirm in your seat as you watch? These are the best and worst things in "Jackass Forever."

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Best: The opening scene | 0:00
Worst: The Spider-Bowl | 0:39
Best: The snake room | 1:14
Worst: The animal cruelty | 2:00
Best: It’s wholesome! | 2:51
Worst: Knoxville’s concussion | 3:37

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