It’s Time for New Spider-Man Villains

Shock of shocks, this video contains SPOILERS for both Spidey in the movies and in the comics! Spider-Man No Way Home did the impossible and brought together three separate franchises worth of continuity and introduced the villains of the Raimi and Webb Spidey franchises into the MCU. Heck yeah. Whether it was your cup of web fluid or not, I think everyone can agree that seeing all those classic baddies was pretty cool, and so it wouldn’t be surprising to see more of them in the future – what with the whole highest grossing movie of all time thing. But in my opinion that you didn’t ask for, what I’d really like to see is Spidey taking on some new blood.

Ya know who I really want to see in the MCU’s main continuity Spider-Man movies? Mr. Negative. Holy butts, ever since Martin Li’s crime boss started raising hell in the Brand New Day arc in 2008, I was hooked on this guy. He’s got one of those designs that makes you wonder “how is this not a thing yet?” and the kind of powerset and professional demeanor that makes him more than a match for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Additionally, Martin Li’s story is a fascinating exploration of two major aspects of our current culture: immigration and the drug epidemic. He originated as a trafficker who stole the identity of an illegal immigrant. Well, attempted illegal immigrant. Their ship ran aground and the new Martin Li was the only survivor. From there, he made his way in New York’s Chinatown. It’s there that he developed a split personality after being experimented on by the Maggia crime family, specifically by Dr. Simon Marshall, who is also responsible for the synthetic drug-based origin of Cloak and Dagger – both of whom escaped along with Li.

Then there’s Morlun. He is a multiversal villain – he’s the head of a group of baddies who go through the Multiverse to destroy animal totems like a sorta energy vampire, which… uh, gosh, that’s a whole thing. Point is, with the multiverse being such a hot commodity right now, it would make a lot of sense to have a villain whose whole purpose is defined by that plot device. Morlun and his family – the Inheritors – are from Earth-001 and are hunting down various Spider-People in order to destroy them and gain power. That’s about as simple an explanation as I can give without this turning into a glorified Wikipedia article. Anyway, Morlun is absolutely a powerful and menacing baddie – he’s hunted down and killed all sorts of Spider-People and Black Panthers and any other animal totem superhero you can think of, all across the Multiverse. Dude’s a freaky villain. BUT… one of his most notable comic appearances is in the Spider-Verse story, and frankly that seems like a better place for him to appear: the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse. Sure, we now have a multiversal playground for any new MCU films, and like a billion reasons for the other Spideys to return, but like… is that what we really want with Spider-Man? Or do we want to take full advantage of the Great Mind Wipe and take Spidey back to his basics and have him take on more traditional conflicts? In my opinion, that’s the way to do it… at least for a few movies.


0:00 – Intro
1:14 – The Spot
2:43 – The Big Boys
3:19 – Kraven the Hunter
5:34 – Chameleon
6:05 – Lifetheft
9:17 – Cardiac
10:05 – Mister Negative
13:42 – Morlun
15:11 – Hobgoblin

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Written by: Michael Keene
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Edited by: Michael Keene

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