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After the failure of Secret Invasion, many fans and critics are asking if the MCU is dead. The overall quality of the brand is declining, and fan interest in new characters is at an all-time low? So is Marvel Studios going to right the ship? Or is it too late for Kevin Feige to save the studio he built…

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, and Andrew Finkenstaedt

#Marvel #MCU #Secret Invasion

So…is the MCU Dead? That’s what the internet is saying after the ending of Secret Invasion hit a new low for Marvel Studios. So let’s dive deep into that question–first I’ll explain all the reasons the MCU could be in a death rattle–along with all other big franchises–but then I’ll explain why all you haters out there need to calm down.

Doug: Don’t tell me to calm down.

Calm down buddy.

Doug: [in Hawaiian shirt] Ooh, suddenly I am very calm, thank you.

First we have to take a look at the state of Marvel Studios, and briefly talk about how we got here. I’m going to be drawing from two sources here, one is the excellent “Story of marvel studios” by Tara bennent, which is kind of like the Disney authorized version of the studio’s history, and the other book is the upcoming reign of marvel studios, buy Joanna robinson, Dave Gonzales, and Gavin edwards–this book is great, and gets a little bit more into what’s happened in the studio after avengers endgame.

I covered some of this information in our recent wtf happened to a secret invasion video–so if you saw that video, don’t worry, I’m gonna talk about some new information too. I have to talk about the history of this studio and how they do things, because that’s the only way to understand if their method can still work in the future.

First you have to understand that marvel studios has always operated differently from every other studio in hollywood. Normally, a screenwriter writes a screenplay, a studio buys it, it enters pre production, storyboarding, animatics, production, and post. That process takes a long time. But marvel has created all sorts of shortcuts so we can, say, get a new captain america movie every two years.

Doug: ooh, what are these shortcuts?

Well, with iron man, they entered production without a finished script–which suited John Favreau’s indie, improvisational style. But, visual effects take a really long time to create–so they pre-planned action sequences and wrote the script around those. Marvel called this visual development–and this is how they made pretty much every film after 2010. Director Lucretia Martel even said she turned down Black widow because they told her not to worry about the action sequences–because they were pre-planned in advance.

So in a weird way, Marvel had evolved into a giant TV show. You see on most TV shows, the producers have total control of the creative, and the directors are more day players brought in to execute their vision. IN films, it’s the opposite. Which is ironic, for reasons we’ll talk about in a bit.

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So actually, Marvel Studios’ process of creating the visuals before the words–was also a hallmark of the early marvel comics. Stan Lee was editing several books, so he would tell visionary artists like Jack Kirby and Steve ditko his ideas, then they would create the stories so Stan Lee could fill in the word bubbles.

So this became the template for marvel studios, basically after the avengers. There are exceptions to this like Guardians of the galaxy. Guardians 1 came about because marvel staff writer, nicole perlman, championed the characters, and wrote several drafts of the screenplay. Then James Gunn came in, made it a very James Gunn film–and ever since then, he has written the scripts before the storyboards and visual effects were prepped. So he is one of the rare exceptions.

But this is how Marvel is able to give us massive films like civil war, infinity war, and endgame in such short time periods. But what’s most important is that this worked because we loved the characters, and the creatives behind the films love the characters too. And the entire franchise was anchored by the charm of Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark [clip].

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