Is Loki RE-WRITING the MCU Timeline? – Time Slipping Explained

Is Loki RE-WRITING the MCU Timeline? - Time Slipping Explained

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Loki’s season 2 trailer showed the god of mischief "slipping" through time. But what exactly does that mean? Is he hopping between universes? How many universes are there? And does this all mean that the MCU is about to be reset?

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Written by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, Lee Mazzio, and Sofien Dami

The Loki season 2 trailer has arrived and we need to talk about why Loki is doing this–[clip]

So there’s a HUGE hint that was hiding in plain sight in this trailer that I think all but spells out EXACTLY what’s causing Loki to timeslip.

And a little alter we’re going to talk about an even wilder possibility that if true–would fundamentally change the way we view the Marvel multiverse. [clip]

So from what we can tell, timeslipping is exactly what it sounds like, slipping through time. That’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s seen the trailer. But the real mystery is, what happened to Loki in those final moments of season one that has made him uncontrollably glitchthroughout the time stream?

We’ve seen MCU characters travel to alternate timelines and universes before and never experience this contorting vanishing act–or even the glitching we’ve seen happen in the Spider-Verse films. [clip] Which we’ll tlak about in a bit.

Now it’s worth mentioning that OB says he’s seen timeslipping happen before, but never within the TVA. So before we can diagnose why Loki is timeslipping and how it’s happening inside the TVA–we first need to explain what timeslipping even is.

Loki says– [clip]

If OB, a member of the TVA, has seen this before, I’d venture to guess it could be a side effect of traveling through time too many times. Perhaps he’s seen TVA agents have these same symptoms when on missions across the Sacred Timeline.

But remember, the TVA agents are variants! So this means theat time slippiung could also occur to variants who attempt to live in timelines they aren’t from–when their home timeline has been pruned from existence. [clip]

Doug: yeah, like how Sylvie was hiding out in apocalypsi.


Doug: Its the plural of apocalypse.

Ah, didn;t know that.

Doug: I made it up.

So back to Loki timeslippung–I think we could be asking the question all wrong. The question isn’t “why is Loki slipping through time?” but why is time slipping through Loki. [clip]

The trailer even contains a massive hint about what’s happening to the god of mischief. In this trailer we saw Sylvie in a record store. And we can even see a record beginning to unravel.

Doug: What’s so special about records? You a vinyl guy now?

Buddy, records are a perfect representation of the Sacred Timeline and how it works. The circular record represents the Sacred Timeline. And the various songs on the record’s groove represent the various streams of time within the Sacred Timeline.

When you look at the Sacred Timeline you can see every moment in time–past, present and future–all occurring at once. Just like when you look at a record you can see every groove that contains every soundwave of every song on that record.

And in the center of a record you’ll find a hole for a record player spindle, the thing that makes the record spin. Just like how at the center of the Sacred Timeline you’ll find He Who Remains, who keeps the Sacred Timeline spinning.

Doug: So how does Loki play into this?

Well Loki is the needle.

On a record player the needle doesn’t spin around the record, it simply travels on a straight path across the record from start to finish. And it’s the record itself that spins beneath the needle.
And that’s really how time works for everyone. The flow of time is just that, a flow. And we’re merely observers watching as time sales by.

Remember how season 1 ended. Loki and Sylvie finally came face to face with He Who Remains. He Who Remains tells them all about the multiversal war and how without him and the TVA, far worse versions of himself would rise to power. [clip]

Sylvie doesn’t buy it and still wants He Who Remains dead, but Loki fears he could be telling the truth. [clip]

They duel it out, but Sylivie gets the upper hand and sends Loki back to the TVA. She then kills He Who Remains and the multiverse devolves into madness.

And when Loki finds Mobius and tells him about what’s coming, this happens… [clip]

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