INSANE DETAILS In Marvel’s ETERNALS You Only Notice After Binge Watching The MCU | Easter Eggs

INSANE DETAILS In Marvel’s ETERNALS You Only Notice After Binge Watching The MCU | Easter Eggs. We breakdown Eternals and talk all the easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in the new MCU Phase 4 movie. We also breakdown the post credits scene which introduces Black Knight, Star Fox, Pip The Troll and more. That Harry Styles cameo is a big one!

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0:00 Marvel’s Eternals Intro
0:15 Full Movie Breakdown
1:00 Character Name Meanings
2:47 Black Knight Easter Eggs
3:44 Deleted Scenes
4:16 Blade Post Credits Scene
4:50 Captain America Shield Appearances
5:24 Evolution Themes
6:29 My Favourite Detail
6:48 Scene By Scene Breakdown And Great MCU Easter Eggs
8:46 Energy Colour Schemes Explained
9:17 Doctor Strange And Loki Similarities
9:45 WHIH News
10:02 Babylon
10:36 Tiamut Myth Explained By Ryan Arey
11:56 Hidden Details
14:06 DC Easter Eggs
14:38 Thor, Iron Man, Captain America And The Avengers
15:16 Black Pather 2 Theory
15:37 Druig And Phastos
17:01 Mikkari
18:15 Ending Battle
19:29 Post Credits Scene

Ok so Marvel’s Eternal is one of the most divisive MCU movies ever made. Though it was the first film to recieve a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatos I actually really like the movie and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the best easter eggs in it to hopefully give you a new appreciation for the film.

Now the movie starts off with a block of text that fills in a lot of mythology in the MCU. However this somewhat ties our own myths and religions in with the lore of the Marvel universe from the very first two sentences.

The text opens with the words In the beginning which is also how the book of Genesis starts.

However, whereas that sentence in full reads In The beginning God created the heavens and the earth the eternals discusses the Six Singularities.

If you cast your mind back to Guardians Of The Galaxy then you might remember that The Collector referred to the Infinity Stones as the Singularities. We also saw Eson The Searcher in a video and the collector himself lived insisde the Celestial head Knowhere.

This kinda ties the MCU in with human history pretty closely and the name Ikaris of course also pulls from myth and legend. In the story of Icarus and his father Daedalus built two pairs of wings out of wax and feathers. The pair attempted to fly but Icarus flew too close to the sun which melted the wax and thus he fell to his death.

In the movie we learn that this story was created by Sprite but it somewhat becomes a self fullfilling prophecy as he flies into the sun at the end of the movie. Thena of course pulls from the Greek Goddess Athena and their apparent home planet Olympia is also the name of a place on Earth that was regarded as a sanctuary during ancient greecian times.

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