INSANE DETAILS In A Quiet Place Part 1 & 2 | Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

INSANE DETAILS In A Quiet Place Part 1 & Part 2 | Easter Eggs And Hidden Details. We explain all the Easter Eggs and Hidden Details we could find throughout the two John Krasinski Directed Horror Movies.

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00:00 Part 1 and 2 Breakdown
00:30 The Aliens
01:19 The Pharmacy Easter Eggs
02:58 Food & Quiet Easter Eggs
07:17 Map Hidden Details
07:35 The Office Callback

Ok so A Quiet Place Part 1 and 2 are some of the best horror movies this side of the millenium. The two films bring a new dimension to the genre and in the movies we follow The Abbott Family as they try to survive in a world overrun by Alien Predators that prey on sound.

The second film somewhat fills in where they come from and we start off with a flashback in which we can catch the meteorite they came to Earth on crashing through our atmosphere.

This scene takes place in Summer and in the first film we see that day 473 takes place on October 3rd because of how Evelyn marks the calendar. This means that the aliens came to Earth on June 17th which means that July the 4th was right around the corner. This would explain why the Abbotts had fire works in their field as they could have been about to celebrate Independence day or have taken some from stores in the area that were stocking them.

Now speaking of stores, in the opening of A Quiet Place Part 2 we see Lee walking past Brody’s Pizzeria.

John Krasinski actually stated that he put this in as a tribute to the character Martin Brody the Sheriff of Jaws. Jaws is classed as one of the monster movies that pretty much pioneered the summer blockbuster and it’s awesome that Krasinski gave a nod to one of the films that started it all.

He also passes a dog sitting in the back of a pick up truck at this point and dogs likely would have all been wiped out due to them having tendancy to bark a lot. This would explain why we don’t see another one in the rest of the movie as they’d be too difficult to train to keep quiet.

Now the town plays a big part in the opening of both films and in A Quiet Place 2 we watch as Lee enters the Pharmacy much like how his family do in the first film. However you might notice that when Lee opens the door that it closes to the sound of a bell. This is of course common amongst shop doors as it lets the members of staff know when someone has come in.

However in A Quiet Place Part 2 the front doors are held open so that they can’t close and ring the bell as this would alert the monsters.

On his way out Lee of course also passes the rocket ship that his son would pick up in Part 1. This would eventually lead to his death and though it’s quite an obvious callback I thought I’d point it out as it’s one of the most chilling details in the movie. Both Lee and Beau were the only members of the Abbots to die and thus the two characters that are killed from the family are somewhat linked in this shot.

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