Movie Content Plus Video Indiana Jones 5 First Look: Harrison Ford Is Back!

Indiana Jones 5 First Look: Harrison Ford Is Back!

The hype for Indiana Jones 5 couldn’t possibly be any higher, but somehow Disney and Lucasfilm will just keep on teasing us for at least eight more months. We’ve yet to get a trailer for the upcoming new installment in the Harrison Ford-led adventure, which is allegedly arriving “soon”, and plot details are still kept heavily under wraps. So, we have to celebrate the fact that we finally got a first look at Indy, courtesy of Empire Magazine.

The movie is brought front and center for its January cover, and they also provided a first-look photo from the title character. The photo depicts Ford in character as Indiana Jones, and he’s on a boat staring at something. It doesn’t look like it’s part of an action sequence, since Indy’s expression is pretty calm, albeit slightly pissed off. The fedora, whip, and satchel are also present, of course, because this is exactly the kind of image we’d expect from early reveals.

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