Iconic Scenes Stolen From Other Movies

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Do you remember the first time you saw Simba talk to Mufasa in the clouds, or when the Matrix showed you a world where computers and flesh were as one. The history of cinema is filled with Iconic scenes. It seems almost impossible to think of Doc Brown hanging from a clock tower or the booming text crawl in Star Wars not existing. But, even if these movies were never made, we still wouldn’t be without these scenes. That’s because your favorite films shamelessly stole them from other older and potentially lesser known works.
From James Cameron to Quentin Tarantino, great filmmakers have been making iconic movies by recreating whole scenes from their favorite movies. Sometimes filmmakers call these thefts “Homages”, but we all know the truth. Like copying your classmates’ homework , often the similarities are too many to not notice. Join living film factotum Chris Goodmakers as he explores X Iconic scenes stolen from other movies.

0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Tango and Chan
2:13 – Lloyd Lloyd and the Clocktower
3:43 – Bathtub Dreams
5:04 – Tarantino Takes All
6:22 – The Yellow Brick Fellowship
7:18 – Kubrick and the Closed Door
8:37 – Revolutionary Stairs

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