Movie Content Plus Video I Wanna Dance With Somebody: Fact VS Fiction

I Wanna Dance With Somebody: Fact VS Fiction


In the first ever biopic to be approved by Whitney Houston’s estate, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody tells one of the most accurate depictions of Houston’s life to date. The film details her story from singing in a church choir directed by her mom, to being the world’s biggest mega-superstar, to her tragic death in February of 2012.

There are key differences, however, between the facts of the story and the fiction of the film. Whitney is introduced to her hit cover “I Will Always Love You” on the set of The Bodyguard in a completely different way in the film. The film’s take on Clive Davis’ discovery of Whitney Houston’s talent is actually a combination of two stories from Whitney’s life that involve her mother. She meets her best friend, Robyn Crawford, in a completely different way in the film, though their romantic relationship is explored more extensively now than it was when Whitney was alive. Whitney’s iconic 1991 Super Bowl National Anthem performance is also portrayed differently in the film, though the real story is just as awesome. And, finally, the film handles Whitney’s drug use with class and respect, even though some details of it are left out in the film when you compare it to what actually occurred.

Join us as we discuss these differences, and even break down similarities between fact and fiction within these topics. Additionally, please be advised that this video deals with topics such as Whitney Houston’s drug abuse and tragic passing.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – What Happened In Sweetwaters
1:30 – I Will Always Love You
2:39 – How She Met Robyn
3:47 – The Super Bowl National Anthem
5:08 – The Intervention

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Written by: Emily Burr
Narrated by: Patrice Scott
Edited by: Patrice Scott

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