Movie Content Plus Video How WORLD WAR HULK Can Still Happen in the MCU…and be Awesome

How WORLD WAR HULK Can Still Happen in the MCU…and be Awesome

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She-Hulk seemed to tease a World War Hulk movie, only to dismiss the idea with a casual conversation between Jen and K.E.V.I.N. Then came the post-credits scene introducing Skaar, and it seemed like fans’ dreams of a true Planet Hulk/World War Hulk movie were dashed. But in this video we explain how the Savage Hulk could be released once more, and thee consequences will be literally earth-shattering.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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The Leader is coming back for Captain America New World Order. And Harrison Ford is thew new Thunderbolt Ross. There’s just no way they got Harrison Ford if they ain’t planning to do Red Hulk.

So that’s a lot of gemma rediatated people, they got to do something with all of them. Like… world war hulk.

So we came up with few ideas for how Marvel can do world war hulk. And more importantly how we get Bruh Hulk to get a so angry that he goes on a world breaking rampage and unleashed World War Hulk on the MCU.

Alright before we get to our ideas, first we need briefly go over the comics version of World War Hulk.

After one too many rampages on Earth, The Illuminati decided to shoot Hulk into space.

The ship crash landed on Sakkar, and Hulk found himself on an hostile planet ruled by the Red King. One thing led to the other and Hulk became a gladiator.

Hulk went all Spartacus, leding an uprising and liberating Sakkar from the tyrannical Red King.

Hulk also fell in love with Caiera, the two got married and ruled over Sakkar peacefully. That’s how Skaar was born in the comics.

This should have been Hulk’s happily ever after. But as fate had it, the ship that brought Hulk to Sakkar blew up, killing millions, including Caiera.

That’s the ship the Illuminati used to exile Hulk.
So naturally, he unleashed World War Hulk on Earth, destroying everyone, as he pretty much tried to break the world.

As great as this story is, it’s going to be near impossible to do a faithful adaptation of World War Hulk.

Hulk is in a completely different mental place right now. The only War War Hulking he’s gonna do is playing video games with his kid.

Also, Thor Ragnarok was basically a very lose adaptation of Planet Hulk. So Marvel can’t adapt that story again.

Not to mention that Hulk already travled to Sakkar and came back with his son. And Skaar seems to be cool with his dad.

So that’s not how we’re getting THIS World War Hulk. But there are still some ways for A World War Hulk to happen. There are actually two ways we wanna pitch.

So let’s start with the version that is more in-line with where the MCU is going with Hulk right now, and later in the video we will present a much darker version of World War Hulk.

There are currently a lot of Hulk-like people in the MCU. Hulk himself. She-Hulk. There’s also Blonsky. And now Skaar who’s half a Hulk and half an alien.

Then there’s the events of She-Hulk.

Jen became She-Hulk after her blood was mixes with Bruce’s.
Banner destroyed the blood semplaes, but then Todd stole Jen’s blood and became a Hulk himself.
So there is a precedent here for people becoming Hulks with some of that green gemma blood.

Now that the Leader is coming back, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get his hands on some Hulk blood. He himself was transformed after being exposed to Hulk’s radiated blood.

Since both Leader and Thunderbolt Ross are in Captain America 4, I predict that they will team up and that’s how we get Red Hulk.

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