How WANDA’S Boys Will Return and be Superheroes in the MCU | Young Avengers & Dr Strange EXPLAINED

Doctor Strange and America Chavez saved the multiverse form Cthon and the Scarlet Witch in the Multiverse of Madness…but the great tragedy here is the loss of Wanda’s boys. Are they really dead? Why do the exist in other realties, but not in the 616? And can they return as the heroes Wiccan and Speed, like in the comics? In this video we break down what they are, how they can return, and what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written by Srinidhi Rao (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Randolf Nombrado and Srinidhi Rao

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reunited us with Billy and Tommy Maximoff, the superpowered twins we last saw in WandaVision. This time we got to see the boys in an alternate reality, living happy lives with their loving mom. But that got me thinking, why don’t we have a real Billy and Tommy in our MCU, when they clearly exist in every other universe? In the comics, Billy and Tommy grow up to be superheroes Wiccan and Speed, but since they no longer exist in Earth 616, did Marvel scrap those plans? Well, not necessarily. Here’s how I think the MCU will bring back the twins, leading to a Young Avengers team up.

Now first, we need to sort out what these kids actually are and where they came from. In the comic run Vision and the Scarlet Witch, twins Thomas and William, were supposedly born to Vision and Wanda Maximoff. And they were delivered by Doctor Stephen Strange.

But in actuality, the twins were born from an amalgamation of Wanda’s hex powers and slivers of Mephisto’s essence. Wanda gave them life, but parts of Mephisto made up their soul. After a big fight, Mephisto reabsorbed them with the help of Master Pandemonium, removing them from reality. Agatha Harkness then had to put a spell on Wanda, making her forget that her children existed. [clip of someone forgetting something in a movie. super kiss?

House of M was another comic series which started by showing not just how that Wanda was powerful–but that she has a strong attachment to her children.

Wandavision drew inspiration from both House of M and Vision and the Scarlet Witch comics. Wanda sets up her own pocket reality after being in a fragile mental state, and creates her dream home with Vision in New Jersey. But instead of using Mephisto’s essence, Wanda seems to have just created the boys from her own chaos magic.

But they can only exist within the hex Wanda created. [clip] Now it’s interesting, in the comics, Wanda could only provide life for the boys, but they needed a piece of Mephisto to have a soul. But in WandaVision, they seem to have souls, without traces of Mephisto–OR DO THEY? The boys laugh, cry, feel fear – all things a person would need a soul to experience.

So this brings us back to the important question, WHAT are these kids?

Doug: Are they pieces of the darkhold or something?

Probably not. In wandavison, we see the Darkhold originally in Agatha’s lair. Remember, Agatha didn’t live in Westview and therefore didn’t exist in the hex to begin with. She was drawn to the sheer intensity of Wanda’s power. She brought the darkhold and kept it safe in her little moldy, viny witch lair. [I was drawn to magic; happening miles away]. Wanda didn’t even know what the Darkhold was [clip] Wanda only started experimenting with black magic after Agatha informed her about the DArkhold and Scarlet Witch entity.

So could the kids actually just be … Vision and Wanda’s biological children? I mean, we did see her become pregnant and give birth in the second and third episodes. Could they really just be half witch- half synthezoid? I mean, I’m no expert in magical being- synthetic person relationships, but I don’t think this is right either.

We have to think about why Billy and Tommy physically exist in all the other universes, except ours. We see Billy and Tommy throughout multiple universes with Wanda, insinuating that in almost every other life, Wanda got what she wanted – her two boys.

This is regardless if she was The Scarlet Witch or not. Judging by how 838 Captain Marvel said “We’re not worried about your little witch.” I’m going to presume that either the Scarlet Witch entity isn’t as big of a threat in the Earth 838 universe, or doesn’t exist at all.. Wanda just has the mind stone power that she was given by Hydra.

But in these other universes, there’s one important person missing. The Vision. The dad figure. In the MCU, Wanda’s creation of her perfect Westview was because of her grief-stricken loss of Vision.

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